VENDORS/Non-Profit Groups

Period Sutlers

We are open to period sutlers joining the ranks of the elite who are with us at Maggie's Raid.  If you sell period wares please contact us to see if we can fit your large or small store into our layout and design.

Modern Vendors

From Food to Books, from Paintings to Pottery we have a space for you at Maggie's Raid.  If you have a 4 foot table and one chair or a Pop-up tent and 5 tables, or even a Sales Wagon you pull behind an 18-wheeler, contact us to see if we have space for you!

Non-Profit Groups

SCV, OCR, American Legion, VFW, or whoever you represent.  Please contact us so we can set up a space for you to showcase who you are and what you do.  This is a perfect time to get people to see your Non-Profit Organisation and perhaps get new members.


Well here it is.   You may fill out the form below or contact our Sutler/Vendor Coordinator by calling 336.307.8711 or send them an email.

Vendor Coordinator

Does it cost me anything?

Short answer....Yes.

We are only charging a 35$ fee for your space and that's honestly to reserve your spot.  Space IS limited and we want YOU to be there.  So a modest fee is all we're asking.  You may send it via Paypal or you may send a check after you have confirmed with our Vendor Coordinator to: 

Raid on the Little General's Farm

c/o Vendor Coordinator

5535 Old Gallant Road

Gallant, AL 35972

Paypal here: Vendor Fee


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