2022 Miss Little General Information


The 2nd Ambassadorial Miss Little General Pageant

You can be Maggie's Voice in Reenacting!


What IS an Ambassadorial Pageant?


When you win the crown and title of Miss Little General, you represent the event, the family, and Maggie for the next 365 days everywhere you go.  You are the VOICE in the public of the Little General and the Raid on the Little General's Farm.

How Do I Win?

Simple!  Sign up below, pay the entry fee, get your best Period Correct outfit for your age group, answer some interview questions on Saturday of Maggie's Raid, write up an essay about history (if your age group requires it), and be the best you that you can be!

How Do I Enter?

Easy! Fill out the registration form on the bottom of this page and paypal your registration fee of 60$.  Persons registering an individual must be over 21 and the contestant must bring a signed waiver with them (parent or guardian signature required for minors for legal reasons and as permission for minor to participate)  WAIVER


When I Win....What do I do?

YOU will be Maggie's voice!

When you win your title, you will be THE representative of the Raid on the Little General's Farm for the next 365 days (except Leap Years when you get one more day).

You'll be required to wear your Crown, Sash, and represent the Raid at atleast 3 Living History or Reenactment events and atleast 2 Non-Period events (such as Parades, Theatrical Performances, or Heritage Group Conferences).

You'll also have to come back to next year's event and crown the next winner in your division.

You'll finally need to learn the history of the event, the actual battle that took place that we recreate, and the history and spirit of our Maggie.


Age Divisions

Lil' Miss Little General - Age 0 - 5

Young Miss Little General - Age 6 - 9

Junior Miss Little General - Age 10 - 13

Teen Miss Little General - Age 14 - 16

Senior Miss Little General - Age 17 - 19

Miss Little General - Age 20+ (and never have been married)

Missus (Mrs.) Little General - Age 25+ (married currently or past)

*Note*  If there aren't 2 or more registered in an age group we will combine ages so that everyone has a chance to compete and not just waltz into a crown. Fees submitted are non-refundable.


What Will Be Judged

Lil' MissYoung Miss, and Junior Miss will be judged on a photo review and presentation of contestant during the pageant portion at the Raid on the Little General's Farm.   Up to 200 points will be tallied with up to 100 from the photo review by independent judges with names of participants withheld and up to 100 points from the presentation with emphasis on period correctness, personality/presentation, and fit and correctness of outfit.

Teen MissSenior MissMiss, and Mrs. will be judged on the same photo review and presentation during the pageant portion of the Raid on the Little General's Farm for up to 200 points AS WELL AS...up to 200 more points for a total of up to 400.  Up to 100 points will be based on an essay about a historical topic including knowledge, writing skill, and grammatical correctness and up to 100 points will be based on an interview with the judges looking at overall appearances, personality, and appearance.



Registration Deadline

September 4th, 2022

At this time we will combine age classes

if the need arises.

Essay Deadline

September 11th, 2022

Essays will be judged before the start of the Raid on the Little General's Farm.


If you have any questions...

that are not answered here, please email our Pageant Coordinator.


Pageant Registration

Every section must be filled out and waiver must be presented before the pageant begins.  Paypal your registration fee once you have submitted your registration form.



Thank You for Registering!