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Educational Friday!

$5 per student CASH ONLY

Parents, chaperones, and under 5 are FREE FOR educational FRIDAY ONLY!

5535 Old Gallant Road, Gallant, AL 35972

Please RSVP for a time slot so we can properly plan guides for your group. The tour is around 2-3 hours in length but you are free to leave at any time. 

Cell phone service is spotty in the area, a printed map or preloaded phone map is encouraged. 

There will be food vendors available so stay through lunch!

There are plenty of porta-potties available as restrooms.  

Parking is on site.  

The reeanctors love answering questions, so feel free to ask any that you have.  

What is Educational Friday?!? There will be several historical stations where students will learn about civil war era life. Some of these may include but are not limited to the following:


What does it take to be a soldier?  What types of uniforms and weapons are there?  What types of soldiers are there? Learn how to load a musket and cannon.


See what battlefield medicine looked like 160 years ago. How has medicine changed since the War? How did Nurses become a necessity?


How did the soldiers live?  What did they eat and how did they cook?  Learn to make a shelter while on the move. How did they launder and mend their clothes?


Learn songs of the 1800s and what the soldiers sang around the night time fires to pass the time. Maybe try out a dance or 2.

Civilian Life

What did those not in the Army do to support the War Effort?  How did the civilians live?  What kind of tragedies did they survive during the war? What did the civilians wear at home and around town?


What is a Sutler?  Learn what businesses who followed the Army provided to the Soldiers and why.   Visit and shop our Sutlers and take home your souvenirs and start building your own uniform while at the Raid on the Little General's Farm.


What were the practices and procedures of losing a loved one? Learn what someone would wear and how were they expected to act.

Open all weekend for all visitors! Each student will get a pass for either Saturday or Sunday’s battle. They can come back free of charge to watch the Battle on either of those days but parents will have to pay on those days. Under 5 is free all weekend.

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How do we get to come?

Fill out the registration form below and bring your students about 15 minutes before your time.  Cost is $5 per student and each student will receive a Free Pass for Saturday or Sunday's Battles.  Teachers, Chaperones and Parents are free and you are more than welcome to bring a sack lunch and eat under the trees or purchase food from our on-site vendors.

Once you are registered an email confirmation will be sent to you. 

Each tour lasts about 2 to 3 hours.

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Where is the Raid on the Little General's Farm?

5535 Old Gallant Road, Gallant, AL 35972


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