Shotgun Raffle

To help raise money to put on The Raid on the Little General's Farm once again we are raffling off a private owner's donation of a Mossberg M835 12g Pump 3 in 1 Fowl Shotgun.

This shotgun will fire anything you put in it from 00Buck to Magnum Rounds.  Barrel is lined for better spread against Ducks, Turkey, and Dove, but not for Slugs.

Has a padded stock and adjustable choke and will fire all 3 standard size rounds.

We will be drawing a winning ticket during Maggie's Event (The Raid on the Little General's Farm) and the winner will be privately "sold" per ATF regulations this beauty from a private owner.

Tickets are 10$ each or 3 for 25$.  You are more than welcome to see us at ANY event for your ticket or you may PayPal us for your tickets.  

Must be 18 or older per Alabama Law.

Thank you for all your support in helping us keep Maggie's Memory alive!


Choose one below to be sent to PayPal.

(Tickets will be in the name of the PayPal Sender)

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